Open source, Patreon model

Effective immediately HexLicense is open-source, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3. You can read the details of that license by clicking here.

Patreon model

Patreon_logo.svgIn order to consolidate the various projects I maintain, I have established a Patreon account. This means that people can help fund further development on HexLicense, LDEF, Amibian and various Delphi libraries as a whole. This greatly simplifies things for everyone.

I will be able to allocate time based on a broader picture, I also don’t need to pay for invoicing services, web hosting and more. This allows me to continue to evolve the components and code, but without so many separate product identities to maintain.

Patreon supporters will receive updates before anyone else and have direct access to the latest code at all times. The public bitbucket repository will be updated on interval, but will by consequence be behind the Patreon updates.

Further security

One of the core goals on Patreon is the evolution of a bytecode compiler. This should be of special interest to HexLicense users. Being able to compile modules that hackers will be unable to debug gives you a huge advantage. The engine is designed so that the instruction-set can be randomized for a particular build. Making it unique for your application.

The LDEF assembler prototype running under Smart Mobile Studio

Well, I want to thank everyone involved. It has been a great journey to produce so many components, libraries and solutions over the years – but now it’s time for me to cut down on the number of projects and focus on core technology.

HexLicense with the update license files will be uploaded to BitBucket shortly.


Jon Lennart Aasenden




Installing from source

shieldDevelopers using older versions of Delphi will be happy to know that we have added a short tutorial on how to install HexLicense from source.

The units that make up HexLicense are written to compile for both modern and legacy Delphi versions. Sadly Delphi packages are not binary compatible and simply making a new package and installing that is often the fastest and most simple way to get the HexLicense components on the Tool Palette.

Click here to read the short tutorial

We also noticed that a small slip had made it into our registration unit (hexmgrreg.pas) for the VCL. This is now fixed and will ship in our summer update.

It is easy to remedy manually. Simply change the unit so it includes the “” file, and that the uses section contains both legacy and modern unit names:

  unit hexmgrreg;



  uses System.Sysutils, System.Classes, hexmgrlicense, hexbuffers;
  uses Sysutils, Classes, hexmgrlicense, hexbuffers;

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Hexlicense turning heads

While Hexlicense does a fine job of managing your licenses, we are not resting on our laurels. In our lab we are creating our own assembler and bytecode runtime system, which will serve as the language of future license control components.

Full control from assembly to final product

processHackers have access to the best debuggers money can buy, and in many cases the debuggers and reverse engineering tools are more advanced than the compilers and languages used to make software.

But what if you could write parts of your code in a bytecode language the hackers know nothing about? Where the instructions and opcodes themselves were derived from the root-key generated and under your control?

This means that the machine-code level instructions would be different for each application you deploy, making the work of hacking or disabling your protection virtually impossible.

Assembly and beyond

Our runtime engine implements a virtual cpu (or virtual machine) that is extremely small, effective and completely platform independent. It will happily run on Windows, Linux, Android or iOS. We even prototyped the system in Smart Mobile Studio to make sure the system can be seamlessly integrated into the Ragnarok server framework (Ragnarok will be available with version 3.0 of Smart Mobile Studio).

The assembler and runtime prototype running under node.js

The assembler, runtime and disassembler (available only to our customers) is the foundation. We dont expect our customers to spend weeks coding in assembler, even one as flexible as ours (based on the Motorola 68k instruction set).

The next step is to implement parsers for Delphi and C# that run on top of the assembler. You write object pascal and it emits bytecodes. Bytecodes where you have full control over the instruction-set, obfuscation, optimization and compression.

The ultimate security measure

Write your application as normal using the language you prefer. But when the time comes to implement mission critical security code, use our special compiler and write those procedures there. Then link the bytecode into your executable and our components takes care of the rest.

Entire libraries can be implemented purely in bytecode, making the act of hacking and reverse engineering a nightmare for hackers using off the shelves debuggers and resource extraction utillities.


HexLicense for Smart Mobile Studio 3.0

Smart Mobile Studio, the most powerful RAD solution for HTML5, node.js and mobile application development is about to reach version 3.0!

This is great news for HexLicense users, because the new features of Smart is going to vastly improve both serial number minting and validation performance.

So this is an exciting update to say the least.

About Smart Mobile Studio

Smart Mobile Studio is complete software development studio for the Delphi developers that targets JavaScript. In short, it compiles “Delphi code” into JavaScript rather than machine code.

Smart Mobile Studio
Smart Mobile Studio, now in its seventh year of development

Smart Mobile Studio is the first product to deliver this technology and have been in continuous development for seven years. During that time it has become one of the most effective systems for making mobile and web applications.

Smart also targets node.js which is the technology used to run high-speed, high-volume JavaScript servers.

Servers written in Smart Pascal can be hosted almost anywhere. There is a plethora of affordable cloud solutions especially for node; Amazon, Azure, Google and IBM WebSphere being the most established.

Some of the improvements to Smart Mobile Studio 3.0 are:

  • Better node.js integration
  • Universal storage-device classes for all supported platforms
  • Better encryption and codec support
  • Improved memory stream and buffer performance
  • Async and synchronized storage devices for node.js
  • A completely re-written theme engine for the visual control framework
  • New and improved visual controls

HexLicense update

To take advantage of these new and exciting features, HexLicense will be updated in two stages, spanning the second and third quarter of 2018.

  • Update 1, second quarter of 2018
    • Faster minting process
    • Faster validation
    • Support for Smart storage devices
    • Support for ALBK (arbitary length binary key) format
    • Support for JSON and XML batch export
  • Update 2, third quarter of 2018
    • Node.js HTTP/REST server implementation
    • Minting and validation isolated as separate processes
    • Clustered execution, using all available cores for best possible performance

Note: Customers who use the current websocket based server will not have any problems should they choose to continue using the older version. We do however encourage you to use the new server and framework to get better performance, security and flexibility.

The server uses the SQLite3 native database with transactions.
This gives much better performance and safety over the older in-memory asm.js solution.

The upgrade expects node.js version 6.8 LTS and upwards installed.

December orders shipping

First, let us wish you a happy new year!

2018-new-year_f643b39b-5056-a36a-06e721e7517957c8Customers who placed orders in late december 2017 or within the past 2 days, these are being processed as we type this. You will receive your product link within 1-2 business days.

Our office was closed from the 16th of december due to everyone going on holiday. As such our first day of business was yesterday (02.01.2018).

We apologize that we did not post this on our website earlier.  But rest assured that your orders are being processed and will be delivered ASAP.


Christmas discount!

discountThis Christmas you can get our FMX, VCL and VJL package with a whopping $40 discount! That is a significant saving for a great product!

The license gives you full access to both our classical and next-generation engines:

  • 12 month subscription
  • Full source code
    • VCL version
    • FMX version
      • Windows
      • OS X
      • iOS
      • Android
    • Smart Pascal version
      • All mobile platforms
      • HTML5 applications
      • node.js client and server
  • Solid documentation
  • Easy to use and drop into existing projects
  • Ships with examples
  • Support via E-mail


The next generation HexLicense formula and license generator is Ironwood. This has been in the making for some time and is through the beta phase. We have used the absolute latest RTL for Smart – which will be in circulation within a few weeks. So you are getting the absolute latest to play with – which is can be used by both visual and node.js projects.

By acting now you not only save money but you also get a great deal on our classical Delphi components. Most importantly however, is that the discount buys you access to our next generation components. The next generation components which will retail at a higher price.

Embarcadero Delphi

With Ironwood for Delphi you have a tried and tested license management system at your disposal. But now you get two! You get the classical THexLicense package – now extended with a wide set of new and powerful components and classes.

Again, this package will retail at a higher price and forms the basis of our future cloud based licensing services.

By acting now you secure early access!

Smart Pascal

With mobile application development taking place more and more through HTML5 and phonegap – not to mention that node.js is quickly becoming a market standard server-side, compilers that targets the JavaScript virtual machine is becoming increasingly important.

Especially for traditional languages like Delphi and C++.

With access to Ironwood for Smart Pascal, your existing VCL and FMX products can continue to function as they do right now – while you move your licensing mechanisms to the cost-effective, scalable and portable node.js cloud servers.

Why pay huge amounts of money to rent a full virtual instance to host a native Delphi service – when you can do the exact same under node.js and Smart for but a fraction of the price? Not to mention the many benefits node brings to the table.

This offer has expired

Hexlicense 1.0.3 is shipping

Vestfold, Norway 16.03.2017

We are proud to inform you that HexLicense 1.0.3 is now shipping to customers. This is an intermediate update between the current codebase and our Ironwood framework.

Binary hotfix

Compression made easy
HexLicense 1.0.3 is shipping

A minor problem with text overflow could occur in rare circumstances has been fixed. However this breaks binary compatibility with already generated license data.

A secondary loader will be included with Ironwood, which will detect older license data and attempt to correctly consume the information. However we urge our customers to use this version to be absolutely safe.

Low-level data framework

As promised earlier, our low-level buffer framework is now an integral part of the solution. The new classes (FMX.hexbuffers.pas and hexbuffers.pas for VCL) bring a wealth of functionality to a topic that many developers are uncomfortable with.

Things like compression, Encryption, easy access to REST and http services, full storage medium abstraction – these are but some of the benefits buffering brings. And they are all implemented or build on the functionality in this update.

Updated documentation

Documentation is being updated as we type. It should be published by monday 20th. Customers will receive an email notification. As always the documentation is available online as well as through download.


Jon Lennart Aasenden