Installing from source

shieldDevelopers using older versions of Delphi will be happy to know that we have added a short tutorial on how to install HexLicense from source.

The units that make up HexLicense are written to compile for both modern and legacy Delphi versions. Sadly Delphi packages are not binary compatible and simply making a new package and installing that is often the fastest and most simple way to get the HexLicense components on the Tool Palette.

Click here to read the short tutorial

We also noticed that a small slip had made it into our registration unit (hexmgrreg.pas) for the VCL. This is now fixed and will ship in our summer update.

It is easy to remedy manually. Simply change the unit so it includes the “” file, and that the uses section contains both legacy and modern unit names:

  unit hexmgrreg;



  uses System.Sysutils, System.Classes, hexmgrlicense, hexbuffers;
  uses Sysutils, Classes, hexmgrlicense, hexbuffers;

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.