HexLicense for Smart Mobile Studio 3.0

Smart Mobile Studio, the most powerful RAD solution for HTML5, node.js and mobile application development is about to reach version 3.0!

This is great news for HexLicense users, because the new features of Smart is going to vastly improve both serial number minting and validation performance.

So this is an exciting update to say the least.

About Smart Mobile Studio

Smart Mobile Studio is complete software development studio for the Delphi developers that targets JavaScript. In short, it compiles “Delphi code” into JavaScript rather than machine code.

Smart Mobile Studio
Smart Mobile Studio, now in its seventh year of development

Smart Mobile Studio is the first product to deliver this technology and have been in continuous development for seven years. During that time it has become one of the most effective systems for making mobile and web applications.

Smart also targets node.js which is the technology used to run high-speed, high-volume JavaScript servers.

Servers written in Smart Pascal can be hosted almost anywhere. There is a plethora of affordable cloud solutions especially for node; Amazon, Azure, Google and IBM WebSphere being the most established.

Some of the improvements to Smart Mobile Studio 3.0 are:

  • Better node.js integration
  • Universal storage-device classes for all supported platforms
  • Better encryption and codec support
  • Improved memory stream and buffer performance
  • Async and synchronized storage devices for node.js
  • A completely re-written theme engine for the visual control framework
  • New and improved visual controls

HexLicense update

To take advantage of these new and exciting features, HexLicense will be updated in two stages, spanning the second and third quarter of 2018.

  • Update 1, second quarter of 2018
    • Faster minting process
    • Faster validation
    • Support for Smart storage devices
    • Support for ALBK (arbitary length binary key) format
    • Support for JSON and XML batch export
  • Update 2, third quarter of 2018
    • Node.js HTTP/REST server implementation
    • Minting and validation isolated as separate processes
    • Clustered execution, using all available cores for best possible performance

Note: Customers who use the current websocket based server will not have any problems should they choose to continue using the older version. We do however encourage you to use the new server and framework to get better performance, security and flexibility.

The server uses the SQLite3 native database with transactions.
This gives much better performance and safety over the older in-memory asm.js solution.

The upgrade expects node.js version 6.8 LTS and upwards installed.