December orders shipping

First, let us wish you a happy new year!

2018-new-year_f643b39b-5056-a36a-06e721e7517957c8Customers who placed orders in late december 2017 or within the past 2 days, these are being processed as we type this. You will receive your product link within 1-2 business days.

Our office was closed from the 16th of december due to everyone going on holiday. As such our first day of business was yesterday (02.01.2018).

We apologize that we did not post this on our website earlier.  But rest assured that your orders are being processed and will be delivered ASAP.


2 thoughts on “December orders shipping

  1. Hi,

    I want to ask if the product still active, it seems didn’t updated since a year?

    Also I would like to ask if it has these features:
    1. Activate via Internet.
    2. Subscription timely activation.

    1. Yes it is very much active 🙂 But due to the nature of our software, we dont have as many website posts and updates as others.
      If security and license management software needs frequent updates, that should be a red flag.

      To answere your question: No, we dont have a built-in scheme for subscriptions via the internet.
      First of all because there are hundreds of policy providers out there, secondly because people often have their own store-fronts they want to use – and last but not least: it is extremely easy to implement 🙂

      HexLicense expose a rich number of events that fire exactly when you need them to, so adding things like internet registration that talks with your server or some provider – is ultimately a piece of cake.
      This is the solution that most people prefer since (as mentioned) the majority already have some type of store-front.

      But, setting up a store front with an online policy service is very easy.
      If you download the pdf documentation (see “Quick Start” page items) we describe this more in depth.

      As for “Subscription timely activation” I am unsure exactly what you mean. Do you mean that you have (for example) a 12 month subscription that can be renewed? If so, this is easy to achieve. Other customers simply revoke the old license file and then establish a new with 12 more months based on the feedback from their store-front.
      This is 30-50 lines of easy Delphi code to establish.

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