Hexlicense 1.0.3 is shipping

Vestfold, Norway 16.03.2017

We are proud to inform you that HexLicense 1.0.3 is now shipping to customers. This is an intermediate update between the current codebase and our Ironwood framework.

Binary hotfix

Compression made easy
HexLicense 1.0.3 is shipping

A minor problem with text overflow could occur in rare circumstances has been fixed. However this breaks binary compatibility with already generated license data.

A secondary loader will be included with Ironwood, which will detect older license data and attempt to correctly consume the information. However we urge our customers to use this version to be absolutely safe.

Low-level data framework

As promised earlier, our low-level buffer framework is now an integral part of the solution. The new classes (FMX.hexbuffers.pas and hexbuffers.pas for VCL) bring a wealth of functionality to a topic that many developers are uncomfortable with.

Things like compression, Encryption, easy access to REST and http services, full storage medium abstraction – these are but some of the benefits buffering brings. And they are all implemented or build on the functionality in this update.

Updated documentation

Documentation is being updated as we type. It should be published by monday 20th. Customers will receive an email notification. As always the documentation is available online as well as through download.


Jon Lennart Aasenden