Ironwood for Smart Pascal now in beta

Tønsberg 27.11.2016

Hexlicense “Ironwood” has finally reached the early stage of beta – which means the Smart Pascal (JavaScript) edition will ship to customers late mid december as planned.

All customers that have bought Hexlicense within the past 12 months will be emailed a download link for the product.

Hexlicense for node.js servers and HTML5 clients
Hexlicense for node.js servers and HTML5 clients

Smart Pascal

16886941Smart Mobile Studio is an object pascal environment that compiles to JavaScript and HTML5 rather than machine code. It can be used to write HTML5 applications, native applications (using Cordova and Adobe build services to convert the JavaScript code into binaries) for almost every platform on the market.

HexLicense cannot be used with the free, stand-alone commandline compiler. It relies on several features of the Smart RTL, which requires a proper Smart Mobile Studio License to deploy.

For more information about Smart Mobile Studio, head over to The Smart Company and check it out.