Hexlicense for FMX is shipping

We are happy to inform you that HexLicense for Firemonkey is finally out of beta and will ship to registered customers tomorrow (13.10.2016).

Hexlicense for Firemonkey is now shipping
Hexlicense for Firemonkey is now shipping

HexLicense has been tested on all major platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bit
  • Apple OS X 64 bit
  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS

Consistency between platforms

Hexlicense implements the same visual consistency between platforms. We have also implemented platform specific code to make sure HexTools yields the same information regardless of device.

This is now a “write once, deploy everywhere” solution.

Consistency across platforms
Consistency across platforms

New units

Two new source units has made it into the HexLicense package, namely fmx.hexbuffers and fmx.hex.ios.tools. HexBuffers is a core unit from the upcoming Ironwood milestone. It provides a great deal of functionality and classes for working with memory and files using identical code. It is platform dependent and 100% pure object pascal.

The iOS tools unit contains code used by THexHelper to obtain information on Apple mobile devices.

The documentation for HexLicense will be updated over the next week to reflect these new additions.

Gearing up for Ironwood

ironwood2Not resting on our laurels work on Ironwood begins next week. The Smart Pascal edition is more or less finished, and porting the codebase to Delphi and Lazarus is what’s next on the menu.

Ironwood brings you a substancial amount of new components, most importantly the Ironwood key generator which is more efficient than our traditional HexLicense formula. You also get fine-tune control over the process right down to how numbers are grown and modulated.

You can give Ironwood a test-drive right in your browser, click here to see a demo