Try it in your browser

The upcoming HexLicense “Ironwood” edition is still in the making for Delphi – but the JavaScript version already exist, so why not test drive it in your browser? Just click below and you can generate some license numbers.

Hexlicense running under Javascript
Hexlicense running under Javascript

Limitations for the browser

Ironwood for JavaScript is meant to execute in a webworker (thread) within a node.js server environment. We have basically compiled this code ad-hoc for the browser, which means that should you try to generate to much data – the browser will probably shut down the code (there is a time limit for code running in a browser).

The codebase between Smart Pascal, Delphi VCL and Delphi FMX is more or less identical in Ironwood. You can read more about Ironwood in our roadmap for 2016 and beyond.


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