Whats new in version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 VCL is due for shipment tomorrow (05.10.2016) and contains the core functionality you are accustomed to from earlier versions. The VCL update contains fixes, adjustments and better integration with the Delphi IDE. Not to mention a faster number generator and also some new dialogs to make life easier.

The exciting stuff is in that Firemonkey is 99.9% ready and as a customer you get access to both editions with updates for a whole year!

Better integration

First up is the integration with the Delphi IDE. Previously the IDE extension contained the actual license key generator which caused some confusion for users, since there were subtle differences between the on-disk version and the embedded dialog.

This has been completely replaced, and the new extension simply executes the compiled license generator. If it is unsure where the executable exists, a dialog will be presented allowing you to manually select it. This is quite handy and also allows us to focus on expanding the single license key application.

HexLicense now integrates smoothly into the Delphi IDE
HexLicense now integrates smoothly into the Delphi IDE

And naturally, the license key generator has been given a facelift. We have also fixed the errors that were reported:

  • Typo in the JSON export filter
  • Faster generation of keys
  • Support for CDO XML format
Faster, leaner and just as easy to use
Faster, leaner and just as easy to use


While time has been well spent on the VCL edition, the majority of hours have gone into porting the platform to Firemonkey, which naturally run on a variety of platforms; all of them with unique with distinct rules.

The Firemonkey edition is naturally free for VCL customers (and visa versa). As a customer you get free access to all updates for 1 year. So you can safely move your licensing system with you be it on OS X, Windows, Android or other mobile platforms.

The much asked about Android support is finally in place, and it’s going through the stages of testing as this is typed. Naturally, design and visual look and feel will be different in the final release.

Hexlicense running on Android under Firemonkey
Hexlicense running on Android under Firemonkey


Hextools was previously Windows (VCL) exclusive and provided you with an easy to use helper class. Things like getting the MAC address, storage-id and other bits of information you may want to embed with your license data is what HexTools is all about.

HexTools now runs on all supported platforms, including iOS. Which means you can access the same information on all platforms with the exact same code (!)


Being able to work with raw data in easy ways, much easier and more powerful than streams, is whats on the menu for version 1.0.2. Hexbuffers introduces a complete library (14k lines of code) for reading, writing, scaling, injecting, removing, compacting and working with binary data across platforms that is unparalleled. All of it 100% object pascal with no dependencies what so ever.

Everything you wanted streams to be, all the time-consuming chores you thought about but never had time to do? Need to inject a megabyte into a 500 megabyte file, right in the middle? Or maybe a terabyte? No problem. Thats one call and HexBuffers will scale the file and make sure the data get’s injected (not just write, added). Need to remove some data? Same thing.

And you use the same API for both memory, files, steams or whatever the medium may be. HexBuffers has been used to create database engines, so it can do some pretty amazing things with memory and raw binary data.

More ciphers, larger matrix fields and server-side support

While the recipe used by Hexlicense is unique, we have come up with another very special cipher – and we also plan to add the common ciphers and tools used by others.

Add to this our Node.js based server that can be hosted just about anywhere (much more affordable than native code), and you have a solution you can grow with!

Dont miss our 40% discount!

There are only days left, so grab your copy of HexLicense VCL and you get the Firemonkey edition for free when it launches!

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