To celebrate the anniversary of Hexlicense we are offering a 40% discount! The offer is valid from september 27.09.2016 to 07.10.2016!

1474995834_license-managerBut it doesn’t stop there, we have also changed our ordinary $200 offer to include the source code!

In other words: you can now get 40% off the binary VCL package – but if you buy the original $200 package you also get the source code!

It could not be easier to generate and deal with licenses, read through our Delphi quick start tutorial, it contains everything you need to know.

Click below to order the VCL binary package. Please allow for 7 days delivery, and state your Delphi compiler version in the message. We will also contact you directly if any information is missing.

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To order HexLicense at full $200 price and get the source code, click below.

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